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CourierSoft provides a total solution to courier companies who provide same-day, overnight, international courier services and also who work with third party carriers.

CourierSoft offers CS Enterprise for standard courier operations, CS Franchise for franchisor/franchisee setup, CS NonTouch for Parcel and Carrier Management operations, CS eCom for courier e-commerce business and vTrackSoft for vehicle tracking.

Couriersoft provide web based application which include job booking, quotation, bar code label printing, PODs, tracking and management reports.

CourierSoft comes with no setup costs and no regular on-going software maintenance or upgrade costs. Customers can use CourierSoft on pay per job basis or a monthly payment basis.

The service embrace the latest satellite navigation and mobile technology to provide greater visibility of parcels and drivers in real-time.

CourierSoft provides a complete solution for office and field based operations. CourierSoft Office can be accessed on a Desktop PC with a web browser with internet connection, while the CourierSoft mobile can be deployed on PDA with a wireless Internet connection.

CourierSoft application is based on the concept of ‘cloud computing’; a cost effective solution delivering explicit service at a fraction of the cost compared to an in-house system. The cloud computing technology coupled with secure software application provides around the clock access to your business from any part of the globe with an Internet connection.

CourierSoft ensures the business data is backed up to eliminate any ambiguity where Data security is crucial to any successful business operation.
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